Siege of Derry Commemoration Brooch

Siege of Derry Commemoration Brooch

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Siege of Derry Commemoration Brooch. This recent find relates to the important turning point in Irish history, 'The Siege of Derry' ( Irish : Leigear Dhoire ).

The Siege of Derry involved a pre-emptive lockdown of the city gates in December 1688 and a violent defensive action lasting from the 18th April to July 1689. During the Williamite war in Ireland, the City (a Williamite stronghold), was besieged by the Jacobite army until it was relieved by Royal Navy ships in July 1689.

The brooch is white metal in colour and slightly convex. The disc measures 45mm in diameter with a pin attachment to the reverse. The brooch has been finely pierced to incorporate the city name with 1688 placed at the centre within the letter D. To the right and left of the piercing shamrocks have been incorporated. Just below the name is the shield for the city of Derry and to both sides, the cannons and pikes that protected the city walls. Located at the bottom of the piece, the scroll with the city motto "Vita Veritas Victoria" (Life True Victory). A stunning historical piece.