Unique Document and Book collection Relating to  Berlin Visit  July 1

Unique Document and Book collection Relating to Berlin Visit July 1

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Unique Document and book collection Relating to Berlin Visit July 1939. Where do you start with this one?. The visit was organised by a Literary and Debating Society based in Northern Ireland for July 1939 in conjunction with the German state government, seven weeks before war was declared.
The person we are dealing with was a Miss A. Uprichard who is listed on the official German programme given to her after the visit. The set incorporates a 12 page typed draft by Miss Uprichard detailing her visit, which includes references to signs around Berlin that Jews were not welcome, labour camps and the Olympic Games among others things. Their tour guide Herr J. Gottlob or Gottieb a member of the SS is mentioned as having some connection with Hitler i.e. personal involvement with the Munich Pact, but sadly this can not be comfirmed.

The Official German programme is a four page document out laying the structured visits between 8th July and the 17th July 1939. The book Hitler Germany "As seen by a Foreigner," by Cesare Santoro was given to Miss Uprichard as a souvenir by there SS tour guide with a signed dedication on the internal front page. The Belfast Newsletter page dated 2nd Oct 1946 refers to the Nuremberg verdicts. This set is well worth more research.