George III 1806 Silver Cross Belt Plate

George III 1806 Silver Cross Belt Plate

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W: 7cm (2.8")H: 8.1cm (3.2")

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George III 1806 Silver Cross Belt Plate.

Exceptionally fine solid silver example by Joseph Ash I of London. The piece weights in at 127gms. The Obverse displays a Cross skull and crossbones and is surrounded by the words " Tria Junta in Uno" in latin. (Three Joined in One). This term was used by the Military, Order of  The Bath and surprisingly in the scandal of Lord Nelson's passionate love affair with Emma, Lady Hamilton as both Nelson and Lady Hamilton's husband were members of The Order of the Bath.. The reverse carries the standard furniture for most crossbelt plates and is assayed for London 1806, the year of Nelsons death. Please remember that this is all conjecture as we do not categorically know the purpose of the piece, but we can guarantee that the artifact is of major importance from the time period. 

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