Early Julius Streicher Water Colour

Early Julius Streicher Water Colour

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Early Julius Streicher Water Colour.

Exceptionally rare early postcard hand-painted by Julius Streicher. The piece is dated August 1911. Streicher served during the Great War and was awarded the Iron Cross 1st and 2nd class during this time. After joining the NSDAP he was appointed in 1925 NSDAP Gauleiter of Franconia. He was a venomous anti-Semite and was best remembered for his publication "Der Stürmer" ( The Attacker ) an anti Jewish newspaper, among others publications. He was an unrepentant National Socialist even to his demise in Nuremberg at the hands of the hangman's noose in 1946.

The postcard size painting is a water colour of a rural scene in Germany. The reverse has a hand written message from Streicher. He was known to be a amateur painter during his early life. The card measures 14cms x 9cms.